Data Recovery

The PC Clinic have partnered with Kroll Ontrack. Founded in 1987, Kroll Ontrack is the global leader in the provision of data management solutions specialising in recovery, restoration, erasure and investigative products and services.


We provide data recovery services on dead or damaged hard drives with following fee structure.

Service Level Info Diagnosis Fee** Data Recovery Range**
*Please note these are typical turn times and can not be guaranteed. Please select one (these are not interchangeable).
** Media fees, shipping fees, and diagnosis services for multiple disks can be subject to additional charges.
*** This is in addition to the Diagnosis fee.
Emergency* Kroll Ontrack engineers work 24/7 to recover the data £350 + VAT £1,495 – £2,995 + VAT
Express* Diagnosis turn time is 2 to 3 days including Saturdays £125 + VAT £795 – £1,495 + VAT
Standard* Diagnosis turn time is 5 working days £75 + VAT £495 – £995 + VAT
Encrypted Drive*** Marketing £200 + VAT
Open Drive*** Drive that has been previously opened £200 + VAT

For further information, please contact us.